Our mission at Orinox goes beyond the satisfaction of our collaborators. As an upshot, we believe that taking part in the local dynamism is essential.

Commitment towards local merchants


We try to exclusively buy our vehicles and administration materials from local sellers. We order online only when absolutely necessary.


Commitment towards schools


To discover the talents of the future, we have built a strong relationship with the schools that prepare students for the positions we offer. Our collaborators come from renowned schools of informatics, engineering, and business.


Public sensitization


ORINOX regularly open its doors to students, people looking for a job or going through a career change, teachers, parents and advisors. It allows people from the outside to discover our activities, our positions, our organization, our knowledge, and sometimes to spark new career ideas.

What's more, Maxime FOURREAU participated in the 2016 edition of a local forum. He gave precious information and a testimonial of his career path to a young high school student looking for information. She was given the chance to spend an afternoon with him and thus discovered the everyday life of a company leader. Finally, she was able to talk with members of the Orinox R&D team, a sector she seemed very interested in pursuing as part of her career development .

The local press also plays an important part in getting the public to discover our activities.





As a business incubator, Orinox helps new companies whose activities are related to digital world  by offering them our experience, network and a part of our offices to work and observes.



 Preservation of the resources




During business travels, we systematically favor public transport and carpooling. Furthermore, we make sure to always sort our waste and recycle it. This notion to preserve the resources is part of ORINOX’s global approach and willingness to be a responsible actor. Digitalization of the processes, is the heart of the company’s activities, allowing a reduction of industrial risks and energy savings. The growing use of videoconferencing is another example of the company’s involvement in the process of safeguarding resources.



Equality and non-discrimination



ORINOX is a cosmopolitan company. We believe that everyone can do his or her bit. We are convinced that the diversity of our collaborators is a strengh. Human Resources pay a careful attention to gender equality, prevention of discrimination, and equality of opportunities.