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Orinox is a rapidly expanding company, but we seek to maintain the creative and collaborative mindset established by the original team. Good relationships, a team spirit, and communication are important to us! We are aware that these have been key elements of our success thus far, and we and we want them to be sustainable. In addition, Orinox is an inclusive company, and we are always trying to grow the diversity of our team. Find out work by consulting our page dedicated to working conditions :


Training and development


The new recruits follow a 6 week introductory training program for AVEVA PDMS/E3D. It enables them to then manage projects in-house or join consulting teams directly on-site with our clients. This training is provided in-house by an AVEVA PDMS expert. This immediate immersion helps them quickly acquire skills and autonomy thanks to an exchange of knowledge and methods. This is also a way for new team members to become familiar with ORINOX policy and ways of working. This is key to create good working conditions and impulse dynamism. This moment is key since it is the moment for a new team member to become familiar with the company’s policy and working habits. This is key to create good working conditions and impulse dynamism


3000h of training
3,16% of working hours
1200h of introductory training for AVEVA PDMS/E3D 900h of training for AVEVA solutions 900h of general training


Your working spaces 


Engineering office (Châteaubriant)


Working offices (Houston)


Open Space (Kuala Lumpur)


Lounge area (Houston)


Working offices (Kuala Lumpur)


R&D space (Châteaubriant)