Augmented Reality (AR) has shown its potential in supporting operators in manufacturing by superimposing computer-generated images, text and sounds over a real-world environment.

AR technology brings users the chance to experience an augmented world by overlaying virtual information in the real world. This way the user can be in touch with both the real and virtual world and receive real-time data or statistics.

An “augmented operator” wearing a set of smart glasses or using a tablet can follow individualized, step-by-step instructions displayed right in front of his or her eyes. He or she is also able to mark or add any information useful regarding the machine process or its manutention.

OMR allows you to design review of your CAD models. ORINOX Model Review has several view modes. The first one is the navigator mode, in which you can quickly visualize the whole model and thus dismiss or display layers. The second one is the walkthrough mode, which allows you to view the model in detail while moving forward in the manner of an avatar.

With your gyroscope (compatible Android/iOS smartphone or tablet), experience a new way to review your CAD model. Using the walkthrough mode, you can rotate your device in order to see different parts of your model.

OMR is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, which will allow you to move and review your CAD model from within. Equipped with a virtual reality device, explore your model. Linked to a shared screen, share what you see with your team work.

You can easily use OMR in walkthrough mode with your Google Cardboard using your Android or iOS smartphone, which will allow you to view the model in detail while moving forward in the manner of an avatar. It will provide you with an immersive experience of your model.

With your Microsoft Surface, tablet or smartphone, you can use the augmented reality mode. It allows you to see the model in augmented reality using the marker you have associated with this model. Print your CAD model target, activate the augmented reality mode and see your model come to life! You can display or dismiss layers and zoom in and out.

OMR (ORINOX Model Review) can be used with Microsoft Hololens. Alone or with your teamwork (in share mode), see your model come to life in mixed reality thanks to holograms! Review and walk through your real scale model, click on a pipe to get the information tag.

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