Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin.

ORINOX can immerse your employees in realistic environments and help you avoid dangerous accidents, mistakes and risks.
ORINOX Simulator, a new immersive training solution

ORINOX Simulator enables operation managers and instructors to :

  • create interactive scenarios: Trainees can be trained in the most difficult procedures in the most hazardous situations in perfect safety. Site operators can be trained and accustomed with the "real" industrial site, real names and numbers of equipment on site, not just a standard model. Finally, it reduces training costs by eliminating the need to travel several times to the site.
  • create 3D contexts: This allows instructors to present complex and/or critical situations to trainees, in order to train them and interact with them about solution and decision to make. Instructors can add new elements in real time (an inanimate person at a turn of the corridor, sudden smoke or abnormal noise...) that help him to measure the trainees' behaviour.
  • create cinematic scenarios: Here, trainers can create several combinations of movements or elements, in tiny spaces not really accessible or too risky space where people can't stay long. It helps trainers to choose the most efficient solution before going in real.
ORINOX Simulation offers a solution for that improves efficiency, security & productivity

ORINOX ITS app offers a multitude of innovative functions: visualize industrial plant ergonomics, gain in-depth operator knowledge of the plant, simulate vehicle operation on-site, manage night and day functions, operate in the same environment with multiple users charged with different roles, access the entire Digital Asset (P&IDs, constructor documentation, construction videos about equipment...), test operator knowledge about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and many more.

Time & cost saving

Better retention

Global collaboration

Optimized performances


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