Hiring process



1. Submission of application


✓ Send us a resume and a cover letter at






Our advice to write your CV and cover letter »


2. Receipt of application


✓ Human Resources will review your application

✓ You should hear from us within two weeks


3. First selection


✓ If from your application, you appear to meet our criteria, you will be invited to complete tests

✓ You will participate in a phone interview to check that your expectations meet ours


4. Job interview


✓ You will then be invited to participate in job interviews where you will meet our team of recruiters composed of your future managers and HR collaborators

✓  Depending on the position you apply for, you might be asked to complete skills tests 

Our advice to prepare for your job interview »


5. Job offer


✓ Congratulations! Your application has been selected. You will confirmed by your hiring your manager

✓ You will receive a contract and HR will answer any questions you might have



Evaluation Criteria


We are looking for proficient and knowledgeable candidates. Your references and your academic record are not your only assets. You will be expected to demonstrate your critical thinking and reasoning skills as well. Technical skills Motivation

We are looking for people interested in moving ahead and  with a desire to improve and grow within the company. The more motivated you are, the more Orinox will help you in your professional advancement in order to address new challenges together.

We will assess your ability to work for Orinox so that your personal commitment will be as fruitful as possible for you and our team. Orinox has competitve hiring packages that will benefit for working with us.

Investment Trust Trust is a vital moral value in order to build a mutual and satisfying relationship. Orinox will give you every means and tool to improve your knowledge and master the AVEVA software suite to meet client expectations


Our tips for you resume and cover letter   Back to top


It is important that you take time to write your resume and cover letter since they are the key to getting a job interview. Here, you will find our tips to help you stand out!



Your CV


✓ Make your experience and skills stand out.

✓ Align them with the job description.

✓ Make sure your resume is coherent.

✓ Be clear and structured.

✓ Be original and creative while bringing out your personality.


Your cover letter


✓ Get straight to the point

✓ Show us that you have understood the position, the mission and the working environment.

✓ Show us you took time to learn about our company and its culture.

✓ Highlight your previous experiences : show us how the skills you have acquired add value to your application.

✓ Lsit your career plans and explain how they relate to the position you applied for.

✓ Make sure your letter is well-written and appealing.

✓ Make sure your writing is correct and have your letter read by somebody else in order to avoid any spelling mistakes.


Our tips to prepare for your interview   Back to top




Research the sector and company

Further your knowledge of the company and its activity. Learn more about plan design and the AVEVA software solutions. Recruiters will then be able to assess your curiosity and your interest in the industry



Prepare for your oral presentation  

Show us your rigor and your ability to synthesize. You should back your career plans and personal interests with precise examples. Recruiters will enjoy a clear and structured speech, and consider it a sign of your preparation of the interview. When telling them about your previous experiences, show them how your application is logically articulated in your career path



Create an exchange


If there is any aspect of the company you do not understand properly, do not hesitate to ask questions. It will show your interest in the company and its industries



Be yourself


The recruiter expects you to be yourself. See the interview as a way to demonstrate your motivation and professionalism. We are always looking for team spirit and interpersonal skills in our future coworkers. We believe those are essential elements in your professional development.