Virtual Reality use cases

Review, Simulation, 3D Animation, ITS

Virtual reality is regarded as being the best solution to safely carry out a total ergonomic analysis of an existing or future facility. Our software development technology enables participants to safely test each possible scenario of the project life cycle (design, engineering, construction, operation, maintenance, and disassembly). AVEVA AVP technology allows owner-operators and employees to complete advanced virtual training alone or as a team even before plant completion. Our training tools will improve efficiency and productivity, while maximizing staff safety and security to enhance the reliability of construction and maintenance throughout the plant life cycle.

ORINOX - Immersive Training Simulation for Plant Maintenance Services

Discover ORINOX's services for Immersive Training Simulation. Add value to your digital asset using design and engineering data to train operators in a realistic world. The result is less risk, reduced costs, minimal start-up time, and the highest standard of safety for training purposes.

ORINOX - Immersive Training Simulation for Plant Safety Services

Use your plant Digital Asset to create training videos and improve the retention of important information. Increase operator knowledge of Industrial Risk Prevention, Industrial Hazard Management, Construction/Dismantlement Risk Prevention, and Industrial Teaching Support Provider.

ORINOX - Marketing and Engineering Rendering

Present important project benchmarks to stakeholders with videos, images, and 4D visualization. Identify potential solutions to project management challenges, such as demonstrating options for scheduling construction or disassembly.

ORINOX - 360° Video

Discover Orinox's all-new 360° pictures and animation.
4K 360° video is used to display in all directions. You can look all around, up and down!

  • On a computer or TV, click and use your mouse to move the image.
  • On a mobile device, move your device to change the perspective of the video.

ORINOX - Main features of AVEVA AVP4 for Immersive Training Simulation

The AVEVA AVP engine offers a multitude of innovative functions.
  • Visualize industrial plant ergonomics with Advance Review
  • Gain in-depth operator knowledge of the plant with the Familiariser System.
  • Simulate vehicle operation on-site.
  • Manage night and day functions.
  • Operate in the same environment with multiple users charged with different roles.
  • Access the entire Digital Asset (P&IDs, constructor documentation, construction videos about equipment...).
  • Test operator knowledge about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • And many, many more.

ORINOX - Laser review

Designers equipped with VR devices are able to visualize brownfield point cloud data at a 1:1 scale.