AVEVA PDMS Expertise

Orinox will guide your company to successfully complete engineering design projects. Experienced and professional, our employees are able to provide solutions adapted to your needs.

AVEVA PDMS Installation & Administration

Expert consulting for AVEVA engineering design solutions including installation, usage, and administration.

  • Installation of AVEVA PDMS and associated modules (Review, Diagrams, MDS, Lisega)
  • Creation and maintenance of project administration module (projet, user, team, DB, MDB…)
  • Configuration of modules and tools (Design, Draft, Isodraft, Spooler, ADP)
  • Management of materials lists, isometrics, and drawings output
  • Organisation of database transfers between design hubs
  • Project updates from old to new AVEVA PDMS software version
  • Model export using Review or Navisworks (*.rvm)
  • Import and export of 3D models for Design (*.dwg, *.dgn, *.sdnf , *.step)
  • Import and export of 3D models for calculations (Ceasar, Pipe stress)
  • Redaction of instruction manuals for project administration
  • Customized administration training

AVEVA PDMS Specification Catalogues

Creation and maintenance of AVEVA PDMS project catalogues and specifications for piping, cables, and equipment.

  • Creation or modification of :
    - Catalogue components (geometries, ppoints, and parameters)
    - Tables and specifications
    - Materials & physical properties
    - Connections tables
    - Nuts and bolts tables
    - Libraries of isometric symbols
  • Reselection of components following catalogue update
  • Creation and management of UDA and UDET
  • Redaction of instruction manuals for catalogue creation
  • Customized catalogue training

AVEVA DRAFT Administration

Administration of AVEVA Draft module for plant design layouts.

  • Creation or modification of:
    - Backing sheet, title block, symbols and labels
    - Styles and representation rules
    - Keyplan (overlay)
  • Implementation of ADP (automatic drawing production) tool
  • Redaction of instruction manuals for Draft administration
  • Customized Draft administration training

Custom AVEVA PDMS Development

Programming with PML 1&2, C#, VBA & PHP plugin macro and software to optimize AVEVA PDMS solutions.

  • Development of user-specific forms for increased productivity
  • Automatisation and optimisation of repetitive tasks
  • Tools to link AVEVA PDMS with other software (AutoCAD, Excel, SQL, and web browsers)

Training & Support

Expert consultation & training for AVEVA engineering design tools.

  • Redaction of instruction manuals (Design, Draft, export/import)
  • Support throughout AVEVA PDMS implementation process
  • Personnel training based on instruction manuals

Creation & Modification AVEVA PDMS Models and Drawings

3D modeling & design with AVEVA PDMS for all types of industrial plants using laser scanning, basic and detailed design, and design drawings.

  • Creation and modification of :
    - 3D models
    - Plant design layout 
    - Line & equipment lists 
    - Isometric & support package and associated materials list (MTO) 
    - Detail drawing (Skids, prefabricated units)

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