Our Philosophy

Ten Principles

Inspired by Google's tenets of good management, this is the list of fundamental rules that make Orinox uniquely trusted and respected by our collaborators in the field of industrial plant engineering. This list is continuously reviewed to ensure that it stays relevant to our organization. We hope that you find it useful.

1. Focus on the project and all else will follow.

From its establishment, Orinox has focused on the quality of its technical services and the development of our own engineering applications. When we design a new facility, introduce our AVEVA PDMS or AVEVA DIAGRAMS knowledge to your project, or develop a new application; the successful completion of the project is our priority, not any internal objectives or performance requirements.

2. It's best to do one thing, and do it well.

The core mission of Orinox is to manage engineering projects using AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA DIAGRAMS solutions. Our team of designers, developers, and administrators are dedicated exclusively to this focus and the perfection of techniques we have developed. By tackling our challenges head-on, we are able to solve complex problems, and we continue to improve our services. Our efforts have already permitted us to integrate our knowledge into new products developed in-house, including AREA Manager and PIPING Manager. In developing our own macros and software, our objective is to harness the power of AVEVA technology so that our clients may access and employ the ever-expanding databases of technical materials available for their projects.

3. Constantly increase efficiency.

We understand that your company needs solutions and you went them now. We will optimize the time spent designing by eliminating any unnecessary data redundancies in catalogues and system components and by processing plans automatically whenever possible. Speed is the objective in all our services. Whether it be through design assistance applications for AVEVA PDMS Design or automatic layouts in AVEVA PDMS Draft, our processes are adapted to industrial projects of any size. Orinox continues to improve the efficiency of these products. We are the first users of our modules, allowing us to provide the customer with only the highest quality modeling and design solutions.

4. Training builds company culture.

Orinox is a young company born from a passion for plant design and AVEVA PDMS. Where many see complex and convoluted software, Orinox sees a widely accessible design platform built for modifications. The difference in perspective lies in the software approach. Rather than simply use the software, Orinox chooses to harness the software’s plant installation potential. And the potential is enormous!
This is the attitude instilled in our recruits during their 6 week introductory training program. Other advanced internal training, directed towards experienced technicians, is presented when we encounter complex projects. Consistent review of this initial acquired knowledge allows our employees to make new connections, increase autonomy in the workplace, and open doors to particularly rewarding experiences and responsibilities. Orinox operates for different types of industries, including oil and gas, pharmaceutical, environmental, energy, nuclear, chemical, and food processing. Even between simple plant designs, there are always differences in protocol to present us with new methods of approach.
Sometimes our employees and clients are faced with complex technical problems requiring difficult decisions to be made. This is where another feature of Orinox comes into play. Orinox has established a collaborative approach, allowing everyone to benefit from the experience and support of other group members. In France or abroad, an Orinox collaborator is always connected to the resources of the entire company. We strive to strengthen our image as a company dedicated to serving our customers. The constant communication between our collaborators allows for continuous project advancement.

5. Excercise common sense and respect the technique.

Techniques are as important to us as breathing. They are an indispensable element of every design project. The security of the site and its operators depends on a strict adherence to the design process. Our company is dedicated to the rules and techniques of our field, paired with a desire to continually enhance our projects and increase our level of expertise.

6. Whatever the project, we have a solution.

Not only do we offer training and technical assistance through AVEVA software, Orinox Développement is continuously redesigning tools to simplify the use of Aveva programs. Our design team uses input from both our clients and our collaborators to anticipate the needs of our growing customer base.

7. The amount of technical information and resources is always growing.

After participating in some of the largest French PDMS engineering projects and assembling more components than any other CAD solution team, our engineers turned their attention to information that is not as readily accessible. Sometimes it was just a matter of integrating new databases, such as adding a consultation feature for references, supplier management, or stock lists. Other efforts required a bit more creativity, like adding the ability to recognize simple devices to check parts, change catalog components automatically, or create intelligent connections capable of automating output plans. Our engineers continue to explore new ways to manage the expansion of design data and make them accessible to all project stakeholders.

8. Our engineering solutions are designed to cross all borders.

Our company was founded in France, but our mission is to facilitate access to AVEVA PDMS systems internationally. We believe that our AVEVA PDMS solutions are innovative and efficient, and we have already begun presentations for international clients, even those that may have different project management methods. Our solutions have been tested and shown to be both reliable and largely universal. We are eager to continuously improve our services to meet the needs of new clients and improve international accessibility.

9. You can be serious without a suit.

Our founder built Orinox around the idea that work should be challenging, and the challenge should be exciting. The culture of our company drives creativity and innovation. There is an emphasis on team achievements and pride in individual accomplishments that contribute to our overall success. Our employees are energetic, passionate people from diverse backgrounds with creative approaches to work, techniques, and life. At Orinox, each new idea that emerges through employee collaboration is tested and put into practice at a phenomenal rate, and may even be applied to new products and services for our customers worldwide.

10. Always be looking ahead.

Orinox considers our role as an AVEVA software solutions expert to be a starting point, not an endpoint. We are extremely demanding and ambitious people, which requires that we surpass the goals we set. Through innovation and perseverance, Orinox aims to take efficient software programs and improve upon them in sometimes unexpected ways. For example, one of our engineers wondered how to create one component with specific geometric dimensions by referencing the associated bolts. After several unsuccessful attempts, they succeeded in creating a single component coupled with the spec hardware. Thanks to simple curiosity and a fierce desire to pursue their observations, it is now possible to produce the features of all different types of flanges (including series, diameter, standard, face, etc.) from one single component. Since then, we have been studying methods to create all kinds of piping mechanisms from a set of generic components.
It is our job to solve your technical or methodological problems. Orinox strives to anticipate the emerging needs of AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA DIAGRAMS users. We wrote our own methods for using AVEVA tools, with the intention that they can be used for both large and small projects, at home or abroad. Until recently, PDMS was a product accessible only to highly trained technicians. Our methods are already used by many of our customers, and we intend for them to become common practice and permit simplified PDMS usage. We’re always looking for new ways for Orinox to make a difference. Ultimately, our constant dissatisfaction with the way things are becomes the driving force behind everything we do.