ORINOX teams are experts in the implementation, integration and administration of AVEVA solutions on your installations. Whatever your project, we have the solution. ORINOX is constantly innovating in order to simplify your digitalization journey.

ORINOX is a global digitisation partner for Owner-Operators (OO) and Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC), and is a community of experts committed to digitalize the industry. In our company or in technical assistance, we support you at any stage of your industrial project.

We are also recognized by AVEVA as an “Accredited Services Partner” because of our advanced level of technical competence and proven success on numerous client projects.
AVEVA Engineering™
ORINOX teams hande the projects data on AVEVA ENGINEERING as well as the lists management and Datasheets:
  • Realization of data imput and updates of lists and datasheets under AVEVA ENGINEERING.
  • Maintenance and update of lists and datasheets
  • Extraction of progress status reports from Status Controller
  • Comparison of 1D, 2D, and 3D data with Compare Update
AVEVA Diagrams™
Because of our advanced level of technical competence on AVEVA softwares, our team handle the implementation and administration of piping and instrumentation diagrams on AVEVA Diagrams™.

ensure and control the all project administration, element naming and attribute filling follow your project specifications.
AVEVA Everything3D™
AVEVA Everything3D™ combines the latest 3-dimensional graphics and user interface technologies with state-of-the-art data management.

With the AVEVA Everything3D™ our teams ensure and control that the implementation and administration of 3D models.

Conversion Model 1D 2D 3D
We imagined a global digitalization approach. A flexible, intelligent process where the complete AVEVA suite is integrated and interconnected : The Global D-Vision.

The Global D-Vision allows the process, energy and marine industries to manage all their plant engineering data such as 1D : Lists and Datasheets, 2D : Drawing and Schematics , 3D : Models and Scans, 4D : Times , 5D : Costs , 6D : Performance.

Our ORINOX teams will always ensuring Data Quality:

  • Correct - Utilizing a common database approach with validation functions ensures that data will be correct.
  • Consistent - All data across 1D–2D–3D will be fully aligned into a consistent set of information through seamless integration.
  • Complete - Maturity of information can be monitored and controlled across the different project phases.
  • Confident - Access control, change tracking and history functions ensure that unauthorized changes have not been done to the data.


Reduce costs

Optimize Resources

Prevent Problems

Permanent Updating

Increase Efficiency

Better Reporting

Global Collaboration

Data Centric
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