Working relations and conditions


To build strong relationships and to create a good working environment, ORINOX strives to implement a corporate liberation


A Human Resourses barometer is established yearly in order to assess the social climate and find ways of getting better.

Collaborative management is essential and all collaborators are integrated in the decision-making process.

dimensionsociale2 For instance, they participated in the designing of our new headquarters.


Everything is made so that collaborators can work in good conditions while having fun, sharing good times and even working out together at the workplace (gym, ping-pong, table football…) .

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Clear communication


We facilitate one-to-one dialogue in order to learn about our collaborators’ personal expectations. To do so, we implement several processes :

Interview with managers on career evolution Regular check-points with managers Feedback on the missions Feedback on external training Newtork of advisors


We also create collective communication. Each team member is endavoured to give a testimonial on their experience. This cross-communication helps provide all the actors a strong amount of information regarding the news and the strategy. What’s more, we regularly organize team building events to build team spirit while sharing knowledge.

Day of integration Collaborative platform Network of advisors Team building events


The collaborators are the actors of their own career


We make sure to continuiously develop our collaborators’ skills to better their expertise. We try to meet with their expectations by offering them possibilities of career evolution and geographic mobility.

Training International opportunities Professional mobility Geographic mobility