Technical consulting : EDF, AREVA, ENDEL, ERAS, SPIE, BOCCARD

  • Detailed design of gallery and building discharge for French EDF EPR piping project
  • Detailed design of electrical engineering and cable tray for project EPR FA3
  • Basic design of waste treatment plant modifications
  • AVEVA PDMS and Catalogue administration

Engineering in-house : AREVA, ERAS, SETEC

  • Creation of an AVEVA PDMS piping catalogue including 110 EN-ASME specifications for a uranium enrichment plant
  • Preliminary design of a nuclear testing facility
  • AVEVA PDMS modeling from laser points
  • Project presentation images and videos created from 3D models

Training : EDF, AREVA

  • AVEVA PDMS training sessions initially designed to meet nuclear industry demand (Introductory course, Piping, Civil engineering &amp metal frame, Administration, Catalogue)

Software development : ERAS, BOCCARD

  • PML programming for user-specific forms to improve productivity
  • Creation of macros to automate repetitive tasks