First Canadian recruitment for Rodney Abbott

Calgary, August 2018

First Canadian recruitment for Rodney Abbott !

 Since August 6, Rodney Abbott has been on Canadian soil. He was previously a subcontractor in the United States and then became an Orinox employee. He relates through this testimony his beginnings in Calgary, between cities and mountains.


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“Welcome to Canada ORINOX!

I am proud to be able to be one of the first employees of the Canadian Division of ORINOX. We are in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calgary is one of the largest cities in Alberta and a hub of the oil and gas industry. Calgary is only an hour east of the Rocky Mountain’s which provides some of the most breath-taking scenery. I often take motorcycle rides into the mountains. We are also west of many dinosaur archaeological sites.


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We at ORINOX are currently working with a solid AVEVA client, Husky Energy. Our mission is to help Husky to streamline their data by integrating their AVEVA modules (Engineering, P&ID, E3D, and Electrical/Instrumentation). We started in April by reviewing their work processes for Engineering and P&ID. We performed a few ‘Proof of Concept’ trials (when you demonstrate that the concept is right and viable), including transferring information between Engineering and E3D, Engineering and Instrumentation, and Engineering and P&ID. We used Integration services for these trials.

Currently, we are modifying the P&ID’s in order to create a solid foundation for the whole data integration process. Once these are complete, then we will continue data integration.


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Many opportunities open up to ORINOX, a lot’s coming then, in an amazing living and working environment.

Once again, welcome to Canada!”

Rodney Abbott


Rodney abbottAuthor: Rodney Abbott

Position: Administrateur AVEVA Senior


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