How important is cloud to digital transformation? Spotlight on ORINOX Cloud solution


With the advent of the Internet, the mobile explosion, and more and more documents to process and data to store, companies have to allocate an increasing amount of  IT resources and employees for the creation and ongoing development of these systems. Thankfully, cloud computing has become  an easier and cheaper IaaS (Internet as a Solution) option.

According to a recent AVEVA survey , 86% of organizations agree that the digital transformation of their business is a key component of their company’s strategic plan. While almost all industrial companies know that cloud adoption is a key element of their digital transformation, a large portion do not yet have a concrete plan to execute this strategy. Cloud computing is a new approach to IT infrastructure and is an essential step towards optimizing these resources. Simply put, cloud based systems change the way companies operate and enables them to be much more competitive.   However, while cloud computing has a large list of advantages, only 64%  have developed a plan for cloud adoption.

Since 2017, ORINOX provides ORINOX Cloud, a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that combines IaaS and PaaS (Product) services. This solution enables creation and management of your own integrated project cloud for engineering and design systems including storage, modification, visualization, and sharing your project data. It uses solutions that integrate ready-to-run IE&D Aveva solutions, Aveva Net, Orinox solutions, and Orinox Master settings. ORINOX Cloud is the fastest way to set up a new project and deploy the highest quality production environment.

ORINOX Cloud is powered by public cloud resources: AWS(1), Microsoft Azure(1), or Google Cloud(1). It can also use any customer choice of a private cloud(1) (dedicated to only your company).


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ORINOX Cloud accelerates your digitalization thanks to its many services
ORINOX provides several valuable services that help accelerate your digitalization: ORINOX WorkSpaces (OCWS), ORINOX Model Review (OMR), ORINOX Dashboard, ORINOX Simulator. Also, on the ORINOX Cloud platform, you can manage your entire cloud environment.

OCWS reduces cost and saves your time
On ORINOX Cloud, all project software is pre-installed and fully integrated. Your project set-up phase is reduced from 2-4 months down to only 2-4 weeks. You just simply set-up your account on the ORINOX Cloud web interface and choose the desired configuration for your organization, project, users, and access rights. This dramatically reduces the required IT resources for the creation and maintenance of these systems.

ORINOX Cloud enables flexibility and scalability
Projects need to grow, shrink, and move. With ORINOX Cloud, you can manage the Digital Asset access for subcontractors and users entirely as self-service.

ORINOX Cloud is safer than any computing server
Encryption, cyber safety, automatic failover - public cloud’s security efforts exceed any on-premise security. Your data is encrypted while it is in transit and while it is at rest. Moreover, the data sharing on the cloud avoids complex and hazardous handover situations.
You can also set highly granular permissions to manage user access within your Organization to specific service operations, data, and resources within the ORINOX Cloud for greater security control.
Furthermore, on ORINOX Cloud, the project data integrity and availability is ensured by using server replication and multiple region backups.

ORINOX Cloud is available anywhere, at any time, on any device
The computing power and the graphics processing come from the data center. This allows you to run E3D (very high performance requirements) on a Windows 10 surface or an iPad, provided your internet connectivity is sufficiently good.

ORINOX Cloud has always up-to-date software
The software on the ORINOX Cloud servers is updated by the ORINOX IT team. Consequently, there is no need to stop the people who are working on the project. They get the latest updates overnight.


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(1)On request