Orinox/Aveva Day


Thibault Porte (Business Manager), Mathieu Bottolier and Maxime Biou (Technical Experts) set goals for themselves going into the Orinox/AVEVA Technical Day, which took place on December 13, 2019, in Lyon: swap expertise, hash out issues in the field and get informed about the latest AVEVA solutions and ORINOX products. We sat down with Alexia Boudey, who helped coordinate the event, to look back on a day marked by camaraderie and good humor.


OD matin aveva


Nearly thirty people took part in the event. “Twenty-seven to be exact, including Mouiz from AVEVA,” says Alexia Boudey, an innovation project coordinator. Since most employees spend their time working offsite with clients, it felt important to give them opportunities to connect with teammates they don’t get to see often. This type of event is geared towards anyone who uses AVEVA and/or ORINOX solutions: administrators, industrial designers, project managers, trainers, operators and beyond.

“It’s a chance for us to connect over our different areas of expertise and talk about the issues we’re facing,” Alexia explains. It’s also an exclusive chance to find out about the latest in AVEVA solutions and ORINOX products. The innovation project coordinator boasts: “The presentations about the HTC and Northvolt projects were really interesting (key figures, objectives, project progress) and the participants engaged in some really lively and constructive discussions. We struck just the right balance between the seriousness that a professional event calls for and the levity necessary to keep the atmosphere light and friendly all day and into the evening.”


Alexia Boudey signed on with Orinox in 2019 as Innovation Project Coordinator. Her job is to steer and synchronize Orinox product development: “Our goal is to offer our clients that extra boost towards digitization by giving them access to Engineers and Technicians, complemented by a platform of ready-to-use specialized content (Methods, Content and Technologies) to facilitate their projects.”

For the past ten years, Orinox has been designing its own products to support AVEVA solutions and Digital Asset Management. Orinox’s short-term ambition is to merge its 5 key products (OX Master Settings, OX Workspace, OX Tools, OX Dashboard and OX Simulator/OMR) into a single OX Solution that can be delivered on a cloud, on-premise or hybrid platform. It bears noting that these technical events also serve as an orientation for new employees. “That was the case for me,” Alexia tells us. “I arrived in Lyon this past summer.”

This was the second edition of Technical Day in Lyon and, in light of positive feedback from participants, similar events are being planned in Paris and Châteaubriant for 2020. The format may expand to include clients and partners.