A new Operations Director for Orinox


Sébastien Laheux joined the Orinox team on the 6th of January this year. The trained engineer will be in charge of carrying out all of Orinox’s range of offers and leading the French Business as the Operations Director. Below, discover his interview to learn more about his career and his missions.



0021epteae98729l ts1489673366000Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your professional career ?

After I obtained an engineering degree in 1998, I had various experiences in development,  expertise and architecture of Intranet and WEB solutions and then as a project manager (at      CAP GEMINI, SQLI and T-SYSTEMS).

From 2006, I have lived a 13 years-long human experience supporting the transformation of    an Information Technology Consulting company (WYNIWYG Atlantique) into a digital agency.  For this purpose I had to create a service centre, to implement a consulting and pre-sales service, to ensure the business development and, to recruit a full range ok key skills. In 2011, this IT consulting company joined TRsb Group ; this was the opportunity for me to better highlight the positioning of the company as a specialized agency under the brand name of DIGIWIN of which I took the leadership in 2016.

As a member of the Executive Committee of TRsb Group (700 employees), I was also the director of the DIGIWIN subsidiary and was in charge of the Trade, Delivery, Communications & marketing, consulting and pre-sales services with more than a 100 employees spread across 3 agencies in Nantes, Rouen and Paris.



Why did you join Orinox ?

First, I wanted to take up a new challenge in a thriving field : the industry 4.0.
The opportunity of this position came from the decision of the company to structure itself. The scope of the position perfectly matched with my professional expectations and for which I was convinced of my added value. Finally, my choice was confirmed when I met Orinox’s CEO, Maxime Fourreau with whom I share a lot of values such as humanism, commitment and innovation...


How were you taken on board within Orinox’s teams ?

My integration started even before I actually joined the office in early January thanks to various preliminary exchanges provided with presentation materials, the sharing of the strategic vision, propositions of methodological approaches and even the meeting with some of the team members. My journey was supported with internal courses about the large range of offers of the company and a lot of interactions with Maxime Fourreau with a true feeling of mutual trust.

I was warmly welcomed by the teams with a shared enthusiasm for we are building, together, the ORINOX of tomorrow !


What are your tasks ?

My main duty is to shape and implement an organisation that is aligned with the strategy and that allows us to reach Orinox’s growth objectives. I am in charge of helping the company to develop marketing tools, quality processes and performance indicators. Within national boarders, my assignments are :

To be involved in the budgeting and the execution of investment operations.

To implement a business strategy, to oversee business activities and to manage Account managers

To be involved in the offers and partnership strategy and to manage the after-sales service

To structure and oversee the recruitment for specific projects

To organize the research department and manage the production team


What will you bring to the company ?

The implementation of an efficient organization already acknowledged in my previous experiences. I intend to answer Orinox’s strategic challenges by considering these following elements :

Orinox’s strong culture

Employee’s state of mind

Client’s expectations

The competitive environment of IT consulting companies

I intend to become the coordinator as I support talents of the company to continue our development and to commit myself to ensure a long and profitable growth which will ensure the sustainability of our values and ambitions.


To conclude, how would you describe Orinox using only 3 words :

Orinox offers ressources, methods and innovative products to the service of industries’ digitalization.


Orinox is glad to count Sébastien Laheux in its team and wish him great success in his duty !