Orinox Joins LFM Software VAR Program

Manchester, UK, May 2015 

LFM VARTrusted Living Point Cloud

In February 2015, ORINOX officially joined the LFM Software VAR (Value Added Reseller) program.

LFM Software, a subsidiary of AVEVA, specializes in point cloud processing and management solutions for industrial facilities. LFM solutions can integrate any number of laser readings directly into leading CAD 3D software (AVEVA E3D, AVEVA PDMS, AutoCAD, Smartplant3D, Revit), HD visualization, and efficient modeling of the project environment by integrating the catalogues of CAD software.

The objective is to optimize the engineering process by anticipating installation problems.

LFM VAR Workshop

Three Orinox employees were invited to take part in an exclusive VAR Workshop, held at the LFM Software headquarters in Manchester, UK from May 11-15 2015. The week included demos of the LFM solutions, and covered various topics related to marketing, communication, sales, and customer support to engage the philosophy of the "Trusted Living Point Cloud". This philosophy emphasizes the importance of scanned data by within engineering and design teams and operating teams by adding intelligence to the data at each stage of the plant life cycle.

LFM VAR Manchester

ORINOX can provide the entire LFM license portfolio and associated services including deployment, administration, and maintenance. 

Acquisition Tridimensionnelle VAR LFM

LFM Solutions

LFM serverptLFM netviewpt

LFM Server allows users to maximize the value of laser survey information. This is the most advanced solution for accessing data from all type of laser scanning (conventional scanner, manual, drone, vehicle) and import them directly to 3D CAD software. LFM Server is powerful and easy to use, allowing users to work with data sets of unlimited size and operate BubbleViews in 360° HD, eliminating the need for additional site visits.

LFM Modeller – 3D laser scanning offers significant benefits to new projects and also facilitates maintenance and modernization of existing facilities. Access to "as built" facilities ensures productive operation, security, and regulatory compliance. LFM Modeller is used to model the piping elements, carpentry, and equipment using AVEVA PDMS and E3D catalogues. It also facilitates reverse engineering by creating 3D geometry that can be displayed in 2D drawings.

LFM NetView is an online application for engineering and facility management. The simple web browser accesses databases and to visualize and manage comments for any number of laser readings sacrificing resolution or quality. An offline mode is also available for on-site teams, eliminating any constraints to LFM solution use in the field.


LFM Software LFM VAR - LFM Netview 4.0