Verify your Digital Asset with Integrity Check

Houston, February 2016



Owner operators usually subcontract engineering, procurement, and construction stages. Therefore, they define their technical specifications to drive the EPC company work. Throughout the plant project from the FEED to the commissioning, EPCs produce a substantial amount of engineering data and owner operators need to recover this digital asset at each data handover milestone.

To avoid information loss and mitigate data errors, Orinox offers to verify the data compliance, consistency, and completeness using the AVEVA software suite. This verification enables the owner to ensure the relevance of the data they may retrieve from EPCs.



An integrity check consists of locating project errors and grading the quality of the digital asset according to OO specifications. Then, Orinox may write recommendations to improve the data quality and leverage a digital asset. This is a non-comprehensive list of actions Orinox is able to perform:

- Software structure compliance with standards

- Data update across AVEVA PDMS/Everything3D versions

- Database organization and naming

- Project specification compliance

- Project completeness

- Consistency between 1D, 2D, and 3D data

- Define standard elements and upgrade the master setting


Integrity check analysis


The percentage of codification discrepancies could be very high for large-scale projects involving multiple EPCs and subcontractors. Reducing the percentage of codification error represents a huge saving in time and budget, because the data becomes more readily accessible.


The strength of AVEVA IE&D software tools lies in the ability to manage extremely large amounts of data. They are powerful and gain in utility and significance when they have access to the highest quality data and deliverables. Performing an Integrity Check at each data handover milestone ensures data compliance, completeness, and consistency. AVEVA customers will benefit from the full potential of AVEVA software solutions.


Orinox integrity check