Are you augmented reality ready?

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 2016

are you AR ready Augmented reality is the next major technological leap in your industry. Prepare for this revolutionary advancement by stepping up your Digital Asset.

The digital asset is an integrated information framework that continuously represents the true current state of the physical asset. It provides deep application integration where real-time information sharing between disciplines is critical to success. It is open, enabling data and documents created in almost any software to be easily accessed and validated.

Did you know that:
- 20% of your day is spent just looking for information.*
- 50-80% of your time working involves moving and organizing data between programs.*
- 40% of project information is created outside of the design applications.*
- 10% of plant construction errors are due to inconsistency between documents.*

The true Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) is as high as 15% of Total investment Cost (TIC). 20% of these costs are related to inconsistent quality and accessibility of information. Without a digital asset, augmented reality remains an unattainable dream!

A true digital asset will enable you to increase predictability and efficiency, know production capacities, accurately plan schedules, control cost, and manage risks at every step of your project. A living digital asset is a true game changer for your industry.

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