Partnership : ORINOX chooses COREXPERT and Amazon Web Services to boost OCWS

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As part of the development of its cloud services platform called Orinox Cloud Web Services (OCWS), ORINOX has recently developped a partnership with Corexpert to ensure its solution meets the highest standards in terms of security, control and scalability.




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Corexpert specializes in designing and achieving IT architecture with high traffic density, as well as developing iOS and Android mobile applications. Corexpert is an AWS Consulting Partner.

AWS Consulting Partner, COREXPERT is a privileged partner of Amazon Web Services Public Cloud. Through its two business units, Cloud-Native Apps and Cloud Infrastructure, its AWS Certified Architects and Developers provide their best expertise to various of IT projects relying on AWS.

COREXPERT has over 6 years of experience in operating AWS managed services, both in application development (Web, SaaS, 3D, …) and in infrastructure scaling management.

This startegic partnership is a vital step to migrate OCWS to the Amazon Web Services platform to meet the global and growing needs of our industrial clients. By choosing to rely on COREXPERT and AWS to launch this service, ORINOX benefits from the experience and the presence at a world-scale of Cloud services specialists.


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Going forward, each industrial and engineering firm shall benefit from the ORINOX expertise to digitalize industrial sites, with the ease of cloud solutions. These solutions will allow Orinox to implement and maintain a Digital Asset, as to provide access to the portfolio of AVEVA & LFM solutions. Our customers shall see that this solution will allow them to access to their data with  ease and simplicity, while reinforcing the security of their very sensitive data.

This partnership will complement ours clients with who we have etablished relationships with for over 8 years. These clients will have continued support of their digital transformations which also partner with the implementation and deployment of various global AVEVA solutions.

ORINOX continues to be one of the very first AVEVA Registered Services Partner since 2016.


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Our commitment to digitalization services includes but is not limited to:

-       Reduction of three design process, procurement and erection of a project.

-       Reduction of handover time and costs ;

-       Ensuring access to technical data and documents of the projects;

-       Enhancing the training process for operators, as well as the accessibility to learn and flexibility of training ;

-       Reduction of industrial risks ;

-       Reduction of production and maintenance costs at industrial sites.


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Writer: Alexis DaguesAlexis Dagues

Position: CEO Corexpert


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Maxime FourreauWriter: Maxime Fourreau

Position: CEO Orinox


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