How Orinox accelerate your transition to the 4.0 Industry

ORINOX offers its clients an immersive training simulator (ITS) services, based on innovative visualization technologies such as AVEVA AVP (Activity Visualization Platform), and creates 3D modeling of your infrastructure. In the context of digitizing your installation and creating a digital asset, ORINOX ITS allows you to use an effective solution to promote your project, realize immersive design reviews and train your operators, while limiting costs and risks. ITS is totally in line with BIM (Building Information Management).

How does it work ?

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Dive into the heart of your installation with all types of media (photos, videos, real-time simulator application). ORINOX helps you with virtual reality throughout your project,ranging from your project sketch’s promotion video, to the visualization dismantling. Including the training of the workforce, our professionals are dedicated to guide you and your project. Our team of industrial experts (industrial designers and design engineers) model, our educational experts (industrial trainer and QHSE) to create the scenarios and prepare the training while our experts in virtual reality (game designer, 3D artist, developer) integrate your project into a 3D scene.


Virtual reality allows you to see your project before its construction, to think about the implementation of a specific machine. For example, ORINOX is currently working with a North-American nuclear actor to simulate the refurbishment of one of its reactors. For this project, it is essential to model the reactor room to define the best procedures to work safely.

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Another advantage of virtual reality for an industrial installation is the possibility for employees to familiarize themselves upstream on the various procedures and particularly on vital functions of the industry. How to react in case of fire? What should I do if I discover a malfunction? With virtual reality, employees in apprenticeship can carry out tasks within the installation, and install directly from their offices. In order to test the responsiveness and proper application of emergency measures, instructors can at any time place an anomaly in the virtual environment.


The video down below shows the simulation of a Malaysian oil, where an employee trains to carry out tasks he will have to perform once he is on site.




Our Immersive Training Simulator expertise

From training procedures and a 3D model (CAD or from a laser scan), we create 3D scenes and storyboards in order to to deliver videos, photos, real-time simulator applications for the promotion, the review of your installation and the training of the various players in your project.


industrial virtual reality workflow

We offer four different types of services:

  1.          Production of a video: for the promotion of your project, and as a training support
  2.          Immersive Training simulator: which offers in addition a walkthrough, a scenario builder, an instructor panel and a trainee application;
  3.           Computer based training: which adds gamification, where you can be fully autonomous in your virtual infrastructure;
  4.           Custom enterprise simulator: this is accompanied by a customized creation according to your needs and requests. 

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Always at the forefront of innovation, ORINOX is currently working on the possibility of accessing the simulator directly via your smartphone, which will further enhance immersion into the virtual reality of your installations.


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