ORINOX Asia celebrates its 2 year anniversary

Kuala Lumpur, January 2018

ORINOX Malaysia celebrates its 2nd birthday. Implemented in January 2016, OASIA - name of the subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur - is the hub of the company in the ASEAN region and now counts about ten employees.

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The first year of prospecting in 2016 ended with our first contracts and the effort have paid: we now count Petronas, HESS, Engie, GE among our customers in the Oil & Gas, Power and Marine sectors, in Malaysia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia in late 2017.

Our close proximity to our historical partner AVEVA has also allowed us to collaborate with key accounts to deliver engineering solutions around AVEVA software solutions. This collaboration has spread to Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, Yokohama (Japan) and Australia. Indeed, we participated in the AVEVA World Summit Conference in Kuala Lumpur in November 2017, with an emphasis on our virtual reality services for training. Also, we were present at the INCHEM 2017 in Tokyo and at the AVEVA World Summit Conference in Dubai in January 2018.

We are also benefiting from the great dynamism of the ASEAN region, which has grown more than 5% for several years.

During this period, completely new services have emerged from our innovation unit: OCWS, a cloud service designed to accelerate the industries digital transition, which combines many services such as ORINOX Model Review, a visualization tool engineering data with purchasing and construction on mobile media.

More information on our website or by emailing us at malaysia@orinox.com





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