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Châteaubriant, 25th April 2018 - Arkéa Capital, a Crédit Mutuel Arkéa subsidiary dedicated to private equity activities, and the Pays de la Loire Croissance regional investment fund have invested a total of €2m in ORINOX. Located in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique), ORINOX is recognized worldwide by major industrial players for its engineering and digital services specializing in the digitalization of industrial facilities. This capital increase will enable ORINOX to pursue its R&D actions and its international commercial development, with the ambition of having more than 300 employees in 2020 in order to best meet the demand of its customers.


The worldwide BIM (Building Information Modeling) market is experiencing a real acceleration of its growth in industry by enabling industrialists to digitize complex and large-scale installations in the design phase. ORINOX offers services to accelerate the digitalization of the process, energy and naval industries, in order to accelerate the transition to industry 4.0, notably by proposing a turnkey collaborative offer on the Cloud.
The services enable manufacturers to optimize the costs of design, construction and maintenance of structures by considering all possible scenarios at the various stages of the project. In particular, it offers the possibility of unrestricted analysis and virtual experimentation with the technical aspects of future installations. Users can also be trained upstream using advanced virtual reality.
The fundraising will enable ORINOX to strengthen its current operations, particularly in France but also in Germany, the United States, Canada, Malaysia and also to consider its development in Norway, the United Arab Emirates and Japan.

Arkéa Capital's €1,350,000 investment is another illustration of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa's support for bold entrepreneurs based in the regions. In line with its territorial banking model, the group invests in the real economy and employment.

The Pays de la Loire Croissance fund has raised €650,000, bringing its total investments to nearly €7 million for the businesses of the region.


Maxime FOURREAU, founder and CEO of ORINOX, commented: "Very quickly, Arkéa Capital and Pays de la Loire Croissance understood our needs and were able to establish themselves as true partners for the development of ORINOX. This fund raising was also an opportunity for ORINOX to offer to all our employees the opportunity to become shareholders. Arkéa Capital and Pays de la Loire Croissance have been able to support us in setting up an employee shareholding structure that has been very successful with all employees. Thus, ORINOX is now ready to meet the growing needs of its customers.


"We are very proud to support Maxime Fourreau in the further development of ORINOX, an emerging global player, based in the region, which is already showing a remarkable growth. Arkéa Capital is committed as a minority investor to enable it to pursue its R&D actions and its international business development. This investment is part of a coherent approach to support regional companies with high potential," added Yohann VIMONT of Arkéa Capital, a Crédit Mutuel Arkéa subsidiary dedicated to private equity activities.


Julie GADOIS, Deputy Director at Siparex, specified: "We are very pleased to support Maxime Fourreau and his teams in this new stage of ORINOX's development. This operation also shows the ability of the PLC Fund to invest in projects that are ambitious in terms of commercial development, and led by managers who are willing and solicitous to develop the economy in the Region”.

About d’ORINOX

ORINOX is a global company and expert in the complete digitalization of complex industrial installations. ORINOX offers services to accelerate the digitalisation of the process, energy and naval industries, in order to accompany the transition to the 4.0 industry. Through the definition of a structured engineering data model, ORINOX delivers predictive support and maintenance solutions for the enhanced operator. ORINOX offers several types of services adapted to Owner Operators, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and Manufacturers, and in particular a collaborative turnkey digitalization offer on the Cloud.

For more information: www.orinox.com 

Press contact: Julia COLLIN - 02 40 07 23 40 - collin.julia@orinox.com - Twitter : @Orinox_ 

About Arkéa Capital


Arkéa Capital supports companies as minority shareholder, from start-ups to SME and ETI, at all stages of their development, while maintaining the independence of the decision-making centers. Crédit Mutuel Arkéa subsidiary dedicated to private equity activities, Arkéa Capital has been active for over 30 years in all business sectors throughout France, thanks to six regional offices and a team of experts. It supports companies and their managers over the long term via five complementary investment vehicles: Arkéa Capital Investissement, Arkéa Capital Partenaire, Arkéa Capital Managers, West Web Valley and We Positive Invest.

Arkéa Capital is present in nearly a hundred companies and currently manages equity capital of around €1 billion.

For more information : www.arkea-capital.com 
Press contact : Florence Eckenschwiller – 02 98 00 01 91 – florence.eckenschwiller@arkea.com 

About Pays de la Loire Croissance


Created at the end of 2015 on the initiative of the Pays de la Loire Region and with the support of Bpifrance, regional banks, mutual societies, professional and employee organisations and industrial groups, Pays de la Loire Croissance is a mainly private fund that supports small and medium-sized businesses in the Loire region.

Primarily focused on industry and services to industry, the fund intervenes, between 0.5 M€ and 2 M€, with companies generally achieving between 5 M€ and 50 M€ of turnover in order to finance either their redeployment whereas they encountered cyclical difficulties, or their development.

The Pays de la Loire Croissance fund is managed by SIPAREX, an independent French specialist in private equity in SMEs. Its funds under management amount to €1.8 billion divided between Midmarket (SME/ETI), Mezzanine, Small Caps (SME) and Innovation under the XAnge brand (Start-ups in the Digital, Deep Tech and Impact sectors). www.siparex.com

For more information : https://www.pdlcroissance.fr/ 
Contact : Antoine Puget or Julie Gadois : a.puget@siparex.com  / j.gadois@siparex.com  / 02 40 69 38 38

For more information: www.siparex.com 
Press contact : Priscille Clément – 01 53 93 04 27 – 06 14 80 75 22 – p.clement@siparex.com 



ORINOX Manager: Maxime Fourreau
Arkéa Capital : Yohann Vimont, Kévin Chaigneau, Thomas Trideau
Siparex : Julie Gadois, Antoine Puget

ORINOX advice:
Conseil Juridique : Maitre Foucher-Midia
Vendor Due Diligence : Deloitte Nantes (Armel Pédron, Julie Simon)

Arkéa Capital and Pays de la Loire Croissance – Siparex advice:
Due Diligence juridique, fiscale et sociale : PricewaterhouseCoopers (Jacques Darbois, Olga Rudeanu)
Conseil Juridique : PricewaterhouseCoopers (Jacques Darbois, Olga Rudeanu)


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