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Châteaubriant, May 2018  


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A HappyAtWork 2018 label for ORINOX !

This certification delivered by Choosemycompany is the opportunity to increase our visibility as a company where it is good to live, to a large public, including potentially future Orinoxian actors.

A quality label then, that we have obtained for France, with an average of :


 note design

And a recommendation rate of...

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Our Malaysian's employees were numerous to answer as well, and this permits us to get the accreditation HappyAtWork Malaysia 2018, 1-49 employees, with an average of 4.42/5 and a recommendation rate of 100% !!


So we are certified:

  • HappyAtWork France 2018 | 100 - 199 employees
  • HappyAtWork Malaysia 2018 | 1 - 49 employees
  • Agile France 2018 | 50 - 499 employees

To better understand...

HappyAtWork certification is based on 6 criteria, divided between "Resources" and "Connections":


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Therefore, ORINOX is "HappyAtWork" accredited according to these 6 criteria, for France as well as for Malaysia !


As for Agile certification, in partnership with Wemanity, it aims to: "Analyze and develop awareness of agile practices in your organization".

Agile certification is based on 4 categories:

  • The mindset, which refers to innovation, delegation, experimentation and improvement, such as: "I have the right to make mistakes when I experiment with new solutions".
  • Management, with responsibility, coaching, contribution and freedom of expression, like "I can easily express my point of view".
  • The team, including objectives, disruption, trust, self-organization in such a way that "Everyone can ask for help whenever he needs it".
  • The vision with the change the missions, the decisions and the quality, so "I feel actor of our project of company".

A quality label, yes, but what for? 

Quality labels have become real showcases for the company's internal and external public. Indeed, they support HR communication actions that aim to attract the unknown, "educate" the visitor, convert the candidate and retain the employee who then becomes a true ambassador of the brand.

The quality label, affixed to visual communication mediums created by the company and available to different audiences, helps to achieve these 4 steps, from attraction to loyalty.

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Given the many digital means available to employees, interns, or people with block release training, it is important to align speeches and achievements. A label helps in this quality approach.

In the first place, this certification makes possible for ORINOX to reassure future talents during their job search and to create a feeling of satisfaction and therefore, more involvement among employees. Indirectly it is also a way to show to our customers that they are right to trust us because we share same human values.

Our name will appear on the Happy At Work 2018 certified companies ranking published in the newspaper Les Echos Start next June and we will receive a HappyAtWork trophy on June 20th in Paris!

Find the Echos Start 2017 here!





Thanks again for your involvement in this beautiful project!  


avatar3Author : Léa TUFFIER

Position: Assistante Marketing & Communication 


Linkedin: Léa TUFFIER